I was in this fandom.


I do find it fascinating that Rachel caught all kinds of shit when she quit NYADA to star in her own Broadway show, but when Santana blew off her scholarship to the University of Kentucky so she could sleep on Kurt and Rachel’s couch not a peep was heard from anyone.

It was Louisville, but as someone from Kentucky who knows what a big deal it is to get a scholarship, no I was totally upset. 

That was an opportunity a lot of kids would kill to get. Just as much as NYADA. But at least NYADA was a stepping stone to Rachel getting what she wanted. 

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I love youBut I gotta let you go
I’m finding myself now.


I love you
But I gotta let you go

I’m finding myself now.

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Anonymous asked: top ten games of thrones female characters

Now, to be fair, I don’t really watch the show. I really like the books though and I have a passing knowledge of the show. 

1. Cersei Lannister
2. Sansa Stark 
3. Brienne of Tarth 
4. Margaery Tyrell
5. Arianne Martell 
6. Asha Greyjoy 
7. Osha 
8. Ygritte 
9.  Catelyn Stark
10. Irri the Handmaiden 

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Anonymous asked: top 10 Klaine moments

You think this is a game. I can do this easily.  

1. BICO 
2. First appearance at the Lima Bean in SLS 
3. It’s Time 
4. Kurt giving Blaine flowers after WSS auditions 
5. Slow dancing at junior prom 
6. Snooki and The Situation during Halloween 
7. Callbacks (COME AT ME BRO) 
8. Just Can’t Get Enough (actual favorite duet) 
9. “I’d say bye but…” 
10. That argument in Emma’s office. 

I forgot “no, no more candles.”  AND I forgot The Roxy Music Time Machine scene. 

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rbbrps asked: top 10 ashleys

1. Ashley Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
2. That Ashley girl I was friends with in elementary school 
3. Ashley Spinelli from Recess
4. Ashley Wilkes from Gone with the Wind 
5. Ashley Williams from Mass Effect 
6. Ashley “Ash” Williams from Evil Dead
7. Tumblr User Ashley Insert URL of the Day Here. 
8. Laura…Ashley
9. Ashley Judd (she was born in KY…) 
10. Ashley Benson

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sothinky replied to your post: jaded-idealism asked:Top 10 favor…

Comeuppance! That’s Top FIVE for me.

Well now I have a big need to hear the other words on this list of yours. 

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jaded-idealism asked: Top 10 favorite words.

This one requires thinking. Wow. No particular order

  • Merit
  • Exsanguination
  • Polymath
  • Hadley (it’s a name but shhh) 
  • Facisious
  • Canoodle
  • Rigmarole
  • Comeuppance
  • Effervescent
  • Cackle

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butterscotchcreys asked: top 10 Marvel characters


1. Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
2. Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
3. Jamie Madrox/Multiple-Man 
4. Layla Miller
5. Hank Pym
6. Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp 
7. Steve Rogers
8. Clint Barton
9. Kate Bishop
10. sdhfs it depends. I was insanely attached to Jeanne Foucault/Finesse from Avengers Academy (and I’m re-reading those right now) so I’m giving her a spot. 

I know I’ve left people out and now I’m like “this could be a top twenty list easily.” 

i’m bored ask me my top 10 anything
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firesnaps asked: Top 10 Rachel Songs You Can Imagine Me Singing in the Shower (because I know you think about that already).


1. My Headband
2. Only Child
3. Don’t Rain on my Parade
4. Creep
5. Hello (in a duet with your loofah)
6. Gives You Hell
7. Maybe This Time
8. Take A Bow
9. Taking Chances
10. Defying Gravity

I just asked  my favorite tiny dolphin, unclefinstock, to be subtle about something. 

In hindsight, I realize that was the equivalent of asking an anvil thrown from a plane to hit the ground “gently.” 

Shopping for laptops is seriously such a frustrating experience. 

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@chordover So yeah… This what we’re shooting right now. #glee

At this point, even Batman doesn’t compete. Holy fuck. 

@chordover So yeah… This what we’re shooting right now. #glee

At this point, even Batman doesn’t compete. Holy fuck.