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Vocal Baby Sloths via YouTube

Featuring the following sounds:

  • Ah
  • aH /nosewiggle/
  • ah
  • /*ah*/

I need a soundboard of these to express my emotions immediately

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You know, if the Roseanne show had had a fandom back in the day,think about how their reactions would have been to that last season. 

What do you mean they won the lottery. Wait what do you mean they’re on a train and…there’s a prince?/ What do you mean the whole season was a weird dream. WAIT DARLENE ACTUALLY MARRIED WHO. Wait who died and when. WAAAAA

So just always keep that in perspective. 

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I need a gif for being so wtf that I can’t even come up with a response or articulate exactly how I’m feeling. 

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It’s time to go back …

You voted and the results are in! Tune in Saturday at 8pm ET to find out what episode came in at #2.

With special guests Boom & Melissa. 

Join us every Saturday this summer as we count down your favorite episodes of Glee.


seeing people in ouija board sweaters


Kyle and I didn’t get home from work until around 4am. We’re both already awake. So now we’re lying in bed together, eating Lucky Charms, and half this awesome thunderstorm outside and half watching old episodes of glee.

What a great morning


You go with your cute indie boy look. You just keep on keeping on with that. 

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I’ve yet to see a fanfic that has in its description “and Blaine gets jealous!!” that doesn’t make me cringe and/or hiss. 

And Blaine being jealous isn’t the issue. It’s the way it’s handled or the reason for it. Like…just no. No. 

Darren + music video cameos

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David Bowie: a singer who can act, an actor who can sing, or a bunch of birds in human clothing fooling us all? We may never know